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Chapter Two!!!!!!!!!!

Author: mafp_n_guin
Pairing: Jordan Staal/ Evgeni Malkin
Fandom: Pittsburgh Penguins
Rating: PG-13 (underage drinking...)
A/N:not much...just chapter two... three's on the way  ;)

“Soooo howz thi‘ Russian drinkin‘ diff‘rent than norm-normal drinkin‘?” Jordan slurred, staring at the new bottle of vodka Evgeni had set down on the tabled. The Russian smiled, and despite his amount of alcohol, his English was still remarkably clear.

“Russian secret. I tell. Drink till not drunk.” With that, he filled up their sot glasses. Jordan shrugged and smiled.

“works for me!” he giggled, downing the shot


“So, how drunk do you think they are?” Colby asked, he and Sergei watching Evgeni return to the table with a third bottle of Russia’s finest vodka. Sergei laughed.

“Jordan‘s probably, how you say? Pissed?”. I never see Evgeni drink so much, so I’m not knowing about him.” he shrugged. Colby returned the gesture.

“well, he‘s walking okay and doesn‘t need you to translate… I‘m guessing he‘s alright. So, are you gonna help me?”

“with what?” Sergei asked, looking away from his teammates to face Colby. Said right-wing grinned wickedly.

“hooking them up… I don‘t know about Geno, but I‘d say it‘s pretty obvious that Jordan wants him.” Sergei nodded in agreement.

“Very obvious. I knowing Evgeni likes Girls and Boys, and he is with Jordan all of time…What the hell, let‘s do it!” They grinned and toasted their beers before beginning to plan out their matchmaking escapade.

Tags: evgeni malkin, jordan staal, mafp_n_guin, pittsburgh penguins
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