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Chapter 3


Pairing: Jordan Staal/ Evgeni Malkin
Fandom: Pittsburgh Penguins
Rating: R
A/N: Chappy 3!!!! WHEEEEEEE! P.S.- ideas or pairings are ALWAYS welcome (esp. if it involves Evgeni, Colby, or Crusher.... <3 them!)


“Sarge, we‘re officially the worst matchmakers in history!” Colby groaned as he and Sergei skated to the bench during practice. Sergei sighed and nodded

“agreed” he groaned. They had been playing ‘matchmaker’ for almost 8 months now, and still had not managed to hook up Evgeni and Jordan. If anything, the two young phenoms were only closer as friends.

“matchmakers? Who in the hell are you two trying to hook up?” Max grunted, climbing into the bench, Malone right behind him. Army and Gonch exchanged glances and Bugsey laughed.

“looks like we‘re gonna be guessing, Max… Flower and Whits?” Army shook his head. Suddenly, a roll of tape sailed past his head, compliments of Mad Max. Colby grinned widely in response when said roll of tape connected with Erik’s helmet as he skated past.

“dude!” came the stunned reply of the usually quiet centerman. In response, he scooped the roll of tape from the ice and wailed it back. Army ducked, and the tape nailed Max in the forehead, sending him off balance and toppling backwards onto his back behind the bench.

“Owww, fuck…” He groaned, climbing back onto the bench, sporting a lovely tomato-red mark between his eyes.

“Payback‘s a bitch, isn‘t it Max?” Colby cackled, Malone and Gonchar both laughing hysterically.

“you‘re the bitch, I think…” Max mumbled, rubbing his forehead. Bugsey had calmed down slightly, and chuckled at the bickering between the two canadians.

“so spill, who are you two trying to hook Geno up with?”

“How are you knowing Geno is one?” Sergei asked Malone shrugged and smiled

“easy… you‘re involved Gonch.”

“Oh, I know!” Max piped up “Your trying to hook up Geno with The Gronk, aren‘t you?” He squealed. Colby’s eyes grew wide, and Max clapped his hands in delight, laughing. “YES! I was right!”

“How long have the two of you been at this?” Malone asked, pushing Max back onto the floor and looking at Colby expectantly. Army shrugged.

“Since we lost the playoffs so… almost 8 months?”

“and still nothing? Your right, you do suck at this!” Talbot laughed, again climbing to his feet.

“and you can do better?” Colby snapped, reaching for Sidney’s water bottle and tossing it to him as he skated past.

“Yeah, watch.” Max climbed over the boards and skated over to where Jordan, Evgeni, and Whits were taking shots on Marc-Andre. Army leaned forward and watched intently as Max began talking to Jordan, making the blonde blush slightly and Whitney laugh. After a few minutes, Jordan nodded and agreed to something, and Max skated back to the bench, laughing. Army rolled his eyes

“what‘d you do?” he questioned as he stood. Max shrugged

“Not much… Just convinced Jordan that he should take full advantage of all his twenty-something teammates and a Rex-free house. The party‘s at three on Saturday… bring beer and spread the word!” he laughed as he skated off for a few laps. Army looked at Sergei and sighed.

“why didn‘t we think of that? Getting them drunk is probably the best way to go aboot it, eh?” Sergei nodded.

“Second time is charm, like they say…” Malone chuckled

“actually Sarge, the third time‘s the charm, but lets save that until we need it…”

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